Understanding principles of bulk email pricing

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As a business owner, you are concerned with how you spend your marketing budget. If you are doing email marketing, then you want to send bulk emails. This is why bulk mail pricing is something that you need to consider well. There are many email marketing services and software available today and you might be wondering which can give you the best services at a minimum cost. But before we look at bulk mail pricing in detail, let us consider the basics first.



What is a bulk email?

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When your business sends out marketing emails to multiple recipients at a time, then you are sending out bulk emails. The purpose of sending out bulk email is to make your business known to them, sell your products or services, and build a relationship with the recipients.


Many marketers today rely on bulk email services to deliver important marketing messages with the least of efforts. When you send out bulk emails, they don’t end up in the junk or spam section of the recipients’ inbox since bulk emails are legal marketing campaigns which the recipients have subscribed to receive them. But if your sending of bulk emails is not managed properly, then it can end up in the spam folder of the recipient and your company’s reputation will be hurt. Remember that there are laws that you need to adhere to when sending bulk email. If you don’t want your bulk email to be associated with a scam, then make sure you adhere to the laws set for commercial emails.



Types of bulk emails.


There are many different types of bulk emails that you can send your subscribers as part of your marketing efforts.


If you want to keep your customers updated on the latest happenings of your business, then you can send them regular newsletters. With newsletters, your customers are provided with notifications, insights, or guides which they can use to help them better understand your business or the products or services that you offer.


If you want to promote sales, make offers and deals, or build brand awareness, then you can send your subscribers promotional emails. With promotional emails, you can update your existing and prospective customers about the new products or existing products that you are offering.


If people on your mailing list are new and have not made any purchases from your company, then you can send them special offers and discounts so that they will be enticed to make a purchase. With these types of messages, you will soon acquire new customers from your prospects.


You can also send bulk email to existing clients so that they can be encouraged to continue patronizing your products. This type of email message aims to boost loyalty to your brand.



What is a bulk email service?

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If you try sending messages individually to your customers or would-be customers, then you can be wasting a lot of your time and effort. Even if you only have 2 recipients, sending them regular messages can be draining. And if you have many on your mailing list, you will soon find it very costly to be sending each individual a separate email for every promotion that you have. If you use a bulk email service or software, then you will find many conveniences. It is also faster and cheaper to do.


A bulk email service is a company or a software that allows its customers or users to send bulk email messages to multiple recipients at a specified time. Using this service allows you to send promotional messages to multiple recipients on a mailing list. It can also allow you to send personalized emails to each address on a list. Whatever the size of your mailing list is will not matter since bulk email services can send emails in bulk. The price of a bulk email service is usually dependent on the number of subscribers on the list and the frequency of sending emails. You will find a lot of service providers and software that permits you to send as many emails as you want, even to thousands of subscribers. There are different pricing plans offered.



The Benefits of Using Bulk Email


The most important benefit of using bulk email is that you can reach hundreds of potential customers in a short amount of time with the message that you want them to receive. However, using bulk email has many other benefits. Find out below.


If you use a bulk email service or software, you can be sure that your message will end up in the recipients’ inbox instead of the spam folder. The reason for this is that email marketing agencies adhere to internet security guidelines. There are special internet security agencies that check the number of emails that come from a single source. If the number of emails sent exceeds the limit, then these messages can be classified as spam and the sender, a spammer. You can avoid being blocked by email filters by subscribing to email marketing agencies so that you can start your bulk email marketing campaigns.


Bulk email marketing services saves you money. If you use traditional means for your marketing campaign, then it will cost you much to deliver your offer to your potential customers using the postal service. It saves you time and money if you use an online marketing campaign. Postal service mail also takes time to arrive at your subscribers’ mailbox but only takes a few seconds for the email to get to your subscribers’ inbox. And bulk mail marketing doesn’t cost you much because you don’t have to spend on paper, ink, postal service and other expenses.


With bulk email services, you can send personalized emails. If you are to write personalized messages to every subscriber using paper, then it will take your time to complete it. And you can’t afford to be spending so much time personalizing messages in this way. Email marketing services have special software that can send bulk emails that can be personalized. Each email can contain the name of a specific recipient instead of a general salutation. Email software also provides you with templates that can help make your campaigns more personalized.


With bulk email services, you can be sure that your email does not have duplicates. In other words, the service sends an email to a given recipient only once. Email marketing software can also track emails that bounce. This information is stored automatically in the database. You can also compile do-not-email lists with your email marketing software. And it provides analytics where you can determine the recipients who read the email and those who clicked on the links provided. With these functions, your bulk email marketing campaign performance is enhanced significantly.


With bulk email marketing, you limit your emails to those people who willingly gave their email addresses through your website. These people are interested in receiving newsletters, promotions, special offers, etc., from your company. Customers can easily unsubscribe to a mailing list if they no longer want to receive your emails. With this, you only deliver your emails to people who are interested in receiving them. You don’t waste time and effort on sending them to uninterested parties.


Bulk email marketing service will help you stay connected with your customers. You can send messages as frequently as you wish so that they can know what is going on in your business and what your latest offerings are. Regular messaging gives your clients more information about your products and services which can lead them to do business with you.


Bulk email marketing gives direct access to your customers. Anyone can read emails on their devices. Most of the emails sent to recipients are opened from mobile devices. This is the reason why it is important to use a template that has a responsive design so that your email can be seen completely from the screen of a mobile phone. The good thing is that most email marketing software provides responsive design for your bulk emails.


Sending bulk email using software can be automated. Most software that allows bulk email can automate your campaigns. This is one of the best benefits of email marketing. You simply need to create the campaign and you can send it at a set time that you want it sent. So, you can automate sending an email on your customer’s birthday or customize your messages based on your website interaction.


If you send out direct mail to your subscribers, it will be difficult to determine how many of them saw the promotional mail. To find out, then you need to get in touch personally with each one. But with bulk email, you can know and track the results of your email marketing campaign. You can know how many people receive your email, how many opened the email, how many clicked on the links, and so on.



How much does email marketing cost?


If a business self-manages its email campaign, then on the average, it can spend $9 to $1,000 per month. If they work with an agency that it can cost them $300 to $5,000 per month.


Prior and existing customers and potential customers are reminded with an incentive to visit your website if they are sent a well-designed and well-executed email marketing message. Customer retention is ultimately the main goal of any successful email marketing campaign. This end goal should be in the mind of any business owner for every email marketing campaign that is set forth.


If your business is always in the minds of your customers through the email that you send, your business will be chosen over your competitors when it is time to make a purchase.


Studies show that email takes up between 0% and 20% of the marketing budget of a majority of marketers. Experts, however, recommend dedicating 16% of your marketing budget to email marketing. You should allocate an amount depending on certain factors including your annual revenue, your industry, the product that you sell, the percentage of the overall revenue generated online, and your overall digital marketing goals.


The email marketing budget that you ultimately choose should work for your company and goals. This, remembering that you can earn a very high ROI because email marketing is extremely cost-effective.


Email marketing is the best option if you want to reach more customers for less money.



What factors impact the cost of email marketing?

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One of the factors that impact the cost of email marketing is the quality of your current email list. You need to clean up your email list if it is full of inactive subscribers. This will give you better results for your email campaign. There are tools you can use to help you identify inactive subscribers and faulty email addresses. This can help you avoid sending to these people.


Another factor that impacts the cost of email marketing is the complexity of the email design. Expect a higher price for sending emails if your email design is very intricate. Designing custom email templates can cost you either a flat or hourly rate. The more you will pay if your email design is very complex.


The price you pay for email marketing is also affected by the frequency of your campaigns. If you send one newsletter a month to your subscribers, you will pay less than if you send them emails weekly. So, the more emails you send, the more you will pay.


Another thing that will determine the amount you spend for email marketing is the email platform or service that you chose. To make the best choice for your business and budget, you need to research your options for an email marketing service.



Bulk Mail Pricing


How much does it cost to send bulk emails? It will depend on the service that you subscribe to. The prices of different services vary. But prices are usually dependent on the size of your mailing list and the available features. Considering the popular email marketing services, you can send bulk mail to 2,000 subscribers starting at around $27. For 5,000 subscribers, it would be around $47. For 10,000 subscribers, you can pay as much as $69, and for 50,000 subscribers, $253. There are, however, bulk email services that offer free pricing plans. If you are looking for bulk email services, you need to choose one that can solve your business needs at a reasonable price.


So, in general, the starting price of bulk email is determined by the size of your mailing list and how much email you send. Most services offer a free trial for first-time users. Let us then consider four of the most popular bulk email services and compare their prices.


If you use one of the popular bulk email services, you can send 15,000 emails to 500 subscribers for free every month. But if you want to send unlimited emails to 500 subscribers, the prices start at $8 per month. This uses advanced features. You pay $32 for 3,000 subscribers, and $61 for 10,000 subscribers.


Another popular bulk mail service offers a free pricing plan that allows you to send 12,000 emails per month to 2,000 subscribers. If you have 500 recipients in your subscriber base, then you are charged a starting price of $10 per month You also pay the same amount if you need more than 12,000 emails. You pay $50 for 3,000 subscribers, and $75 for 10,000 subscribers.


And there are bulk email services where you are given a one-month free trial. After that, you pay $20 per month for 500 subscribers, $65 for 3,000 subscribers, and $95 for 10,000 subscribers.


Another company gives you a one-month free trial if you use their services but you are charged for the number of subscribers. If you have a list of 1,000 subscribers, you pay $15 a month. For 3,000 subscribers, you pay $45 and $65 for 10,000 subscribers.


The average price for sending bulk emails for these popular bulk email services is $13. There are bulk email services that give you a free plan. Using these popular bulk email services can help you create email campaigns that perform well using templates that are pre-designed, segmentation, personalization, and with customizable subscription forms, you can grow your email list. You simply need to register in the service.



Polyensure Email Marketing Software

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What if you can send all your bulk email without any monthly fees to think about and with no credit card required? With Polyensure email marketing software, you can send your unlimited number of bulk emails at certain fixed time intervals for a one-time payment of $30. There are no monthly fees to think of and after getting the software, you will be able to send your first emails immediately. With this software, the emails that you send to your recipients will use your email address and not something generic.


The CAMonHar Polyensure unlimited email sender with an autoresponder is a downloadable software complete with Google Analytics. It helps to capture customer segments and it will enable you to optimize your revenue. If you are a business owner looking for an Autoresponder email software program, then choosing CAMonHar Polyensure software will provide you with a white-label email marketing solution.


For more information on this email marketing software, visit www.camhdk.com.