Build Apps with High Encryption Technology

Nowadays, the Cryptography encryption is in trend due to its high-security features. Many appsare built according to the asymmetric keys concept so that they will provide a reliable access to the users.

The Cryptography technique is practice and application of the technique that secures the communication between two parties and prevents third-party access.It consists of two concepts, one is symmetric and another is asymmetric. Both of these are useful in some ways, but here we are going to learn some advantages and uses of the Asymmetric keys in apps and other fields.

Unlike the Symmetric key concept which only relies on one key which is encrypted and then decrypted for use, the Asymmetric concept uses two keys with unique functions. The concept of Cryptography was solely to introduce more secure protocols that can prevent third-party access to the data and information. This concept maintains data confidentiality, authentication, data integrity, and non-repudiation. With the Engineering disciplines of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering, the modern cryptography is modernized.

The public key cryptography is constructed in such a way that calculation of the private key is infeasible even it is related to the public key. In this kind of system, the public key of the Apps is distributed freely. But the public key requires the private key to grant access to the features and the resources of the applications.

You want to know how the private keys are kept safe from breach and theft. They are stored in the Operating system or inside software that contains drivers only accessible to specific users. Whereas, the public keys are stored on digital certificates for sharing and secure transport. The application area of this technique is very vast as it is used in multiple Business applications.

The main application of this technology is the use of Digital Signature in various apps. With Digital Signatures the content will be digitally signed to the private key and is verified by the public key. The Encryption of the keys is done at the public key’s end and it is decrypted at the private key’s end. The concept of Electronic money is also based entirely on the asymmetric key to enhance the security features of the apps and provide a digitized method of processing the payments. As you see, the Appscan significantly make more reliable and safe with asymmetric key encryption.

CAMonHar Software Licensing Implication

This same method is used by us, i.e. CAMonHar Software Licensing to employ the security features within the Apps used by the customers for the licensing process. We have built a confidential and integral system that allows the users to access and distribute their software license along with some other features. With our Apps, the user will be able to manage the authentication and integrity of their products and can distribute the license of the software on their own terms. With Cryptography encryption, the users will have certified authority of the software digitally.