Expand Your Knowledge of Software Piracy Concept

Many people have come around the term Software Piracy but they don’t really understand the concept. So, here we are going to introduce the Software Piracy term, in brief, to let you understand the vastness of the concept.

So what is Software Piracy?

Software Piracy is like stealing the legally protected software from its developer or publisher. According to Copyright law, software piracy is defined as the violation of the copyright of the product that prevents its copying, distribution, selling and modification. The Software piracy will be an infringement of the law.

The people who got penalized for SoftwarePiracy are the ones who are in the passion for some technical work that is illegal to use. Although the unknowingly use of such software are acceptable, the end users will also experience some loss of resources if they possessed some illegal or pirated software.

Types of Software Piracy

The software Piracy concept has five subcategories or types of piracy that has their own causalities. The categories are explained below:


This is the illegal distribution, duplication, and sale of a material whose copyright belongs to some other person or company. This is done with the intent of imitating the copyrighted product to earn revenues with it. In case the software is packaged, finding the counterfeit copies of the discs incorporating the software programs becomes very common. It also applies to manuals, license agreements, registration cards, labels, security feature, and some others.

Internet Piracy:

This kind of Software Piracy happens when the software is downloaded from the Internet through a nonreliable website or service provider. The purchase rules apply to all the products whether it is sold online or offline. So, even the software which is delivered to the end users via some physical disc or any other medium, the laws of Software piracy are still applicable to it.

The Internet piracy cases usually arise when websites make a software available for free to download or offer free up gradation of the software. Internet auction sites and peer to peer networks are some other areas where internet piracy occurs.

End User Piracy:

The End User Piracy occurs when a copy of the software is made by the End-user without any authorization. This type of Software Piracy includes using a single licensed copy to install a program on multiple computers or systems. Copying a disc for distribution or installation, upgrading an illegal copy of a program, acquisition of restricted non-retail software also lies in the area of piracy.

Client-Server Overuse:

This kind of piracy happens when there are too many users of a single network and they try to access the same program simultaneously.It usually happens to Local area networks. So, you must ensure that you are entitled to sharing your software with other users.

Hard Disk Loading:

The Hard Disk Loading is the kind of Software piracy done at the distributor’s end. When a business sells computers with illegal copies of software programs and applications simply to make it more attractive, then it is termed as Hard Disk Loading.