First Step of Learning C# to Become a Developer

Many people will read the above title as C-hash. But the people, who are starting to learn this language, must know that it is pronounced as C-sharp. It is a general-purpose language with multi-paradigm programming which encompasses strong typing, declarative, imperative, generic, functional, object-oriented, and component-oriented disciplines. C#is developed as a .Net initiative and later approved as a standard language.  It is designed for the common language infrastructure.

The Language comes with plenty of features and some of them are listed below:

·          Portability

·          Typing

·          Metaprogramming

·          Methods and Functions

·          Memory Access

·          Polymorphism

·          Language Integrated Query-LINQ

·          Functional Programming

·          Exception

The major implementation of the language is with Visual Basic, .Net, core, J#, Pascal, etc.

The Design goals of the language were:

Ø   The language was intended to be simple, general purpose and modern with object-oriented programming.

Ø   The implementation of the language provides support for engineering principles thereby making the software more robust, durable, and improves productivity.

Ø   It was meant for the development of software components which will be suitable for deployment along the distributed environments.

Ø   The portability was also an important factor for the language.  The language support internationalization.

Ø   C# proposes to be used for writing applications for the embedded and the hosted systems. The language consists of dedicated functions which enhance the working of the Operating system.

Ø   The main goal was to provide economic growth in power processing and memory requirements.

The syntax of C# is very similar to that of other C languages such as C, C++, and Java. The syntax consists of:

·          Semicolons that are used to denote the end of a statement.

·          Curly brackets are used to enclose the group statements. The Statements are grouped into functions, functions into classes, and classes into namespaces.

·          Variables are the values assigned with a single Equal to sign (=), whereas compared with two consecutive equal signs (==).

·          The Square brackets are used for arrays to declare them and get a value in the specified index.

One very important application of the C# language is its standardization under the ISO and Ecma standards which makes it a very significant, reasonable, and non-discriminatory licensing protection criterion for the developers.

Microsoft is the leading developer of the C# compiler and its various set of tools. The Roslyn compiler which was entirely written in managed C# code is available to the user with functionality surfaced APIs. But other compilers include the implementation of the Common Language Infrastructure and.Net class libraries such as Mono, DotGNU, Rotor, Xamarin, etc.

The Development process of C# with VB, Net, ASP.Net, etc is not an easy task. It is the development process where the bugs and defects start. But once an effective code is built with these languages combined, the developer will have software encoded in the most secure and efficient programming language which will protect it from software piracy too.