Manage Your Software License Professionally with CAMonHar

In the Engineering world, there are unlimited numbers of a software application available for all the different tasks and even for the easy ones too. Luckily, there is another forte of license management software that it can manage license at the customer end too. CAMonHar Software Licensing is the name you can trust upon for your Software licensing, its distribution and management too.

Before we go through the management process, we must have a brief knowledge of the types of the Software license to understand how they can be managed appropriately.The main types of the Software License are given below:

v   Name and Node-Locked License: This is the traditional method of Software licensing. It is the simplest license model and offers access to the software to only one person. These types of licenses are usually tied up to a specific workstation or user.

v   Hard License: This license is mostly used by engineering vendors. The license is managed with the help of USB key or dongle and is accessed with some device. One most important fact about this type of license is that it is available in offline mode too. The specialized engineering software uses this license as their work is mostly done offline with no internet access.

v   Concurrent License: It is more flexible and multi-user option for the users. The Concurrent License is mostly used by people who require hundreds or more license of a single software for distribution.

v   Token License: The Token License is also known as Pay-as-you-Go license. With this license, the user organization is free to use the software without any limitation.

Once the users understand the type of license needed for their software, the only thing left is to understand how you can manage them. Fortunately, you can rely upon CAMonHar Software licensing for the management. We have focused on the varying and complex engineering software market and tailored many solutions to make the administration, distribution, and management of the license easier than ever.

We offer a lot of solutions as:

Ø   We have the ability to utilize the software in the most optimal and efficient way. We provide a form of UI that can manage the report of vendors and products.

Ø   We will track each and every single purchase of your software with our License management system.

Ø   Full information of the unused license is also kept. We harvest the unused license of the software and release them back to the pool.

Ø   We provide advanced analytics method to enhance the license data. We will provide the user with a complete report of the customization available for the Software licensing process.

With the help of CAMonHar Software Licensing service, you will be able to manage your software license easily. Within a short time period, you will see the visible growth in the license distribution as we evaluate the enhanced functionality ourselves. We ensure that you will have a proper return on your investment with our services.