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Are you a digital marketer ?

Get our AUTORESPONDER email delivery software and reduce your email delivery cost by hosting it yourself.

No monthly payments. No Credit Card required
One time payment. 30 day money back guarantee.
No technical knowledge required.
No Complicated Setup. In a few steps you are ready to start sending your emails.

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Email delivery Cost

Per month cost break down will be approx less that USD 2 per 10,000 email

Item Cost
Polyensure Software $30 onetime
Windows Website hosting Your own hosting: $20 per year (approx)
Hosting at our locations: (Almost 0 installation) . Get started almost immediately
US - $20 per year
EU - $20 per year
India - $10 per year
Email Delivery provider $0.00 if using your own website hoster / Domain name registrar
$0.10 per 10,000 (approx) any third party

Features include:
1) GDPR compliance : Email id's and password are encrypted
2) Capture email's by using builtin lead page WYSIWYG composer
3) Build and track Lead pages using builtin Lead page WYSIWYG composer
4) Bulk email sending at fixed intervals
5) Mostly based on Microsoft technologies. It's not open source hence much more secure.
6) Check Email Opened/ Link clicked (Analytics)
7) WYSIWYG Email Editor
8) A/B Testing
9) Add unlimited email providers. Send unlimited emails.
10) Send with high deliverability.
and more

Welcome to the Camhdk Polyensure email marketing software a market leader in low cost best email marketing software. No credit card required. Full documentation provided. Easily setup and compose your email.
Just in few steps you will be able to setup and ready to start sending your marketing campaign. You are in control all the time you load your list compose your mail in quickly and start sending.

Here is a quick setup quide
1) Respect all rules and regulation such as GDPR , CAN-SPAM or any other country specific requirements
2) Get a domain Name . If you already have you can use it.
3) Get a Windows hosting provider ( Price range is from USD 12 - 20 per year )
4) Create a sub domain. This can be done by your domain name registrar. They will require ip address from step 3
5) just upload the zip file from us at the windows hosting provider (step 3 ). Unzip it.
6) Give read write access to appdata folder.
7) Start web browser and put your sub domain name
8) Enter Strong Administrator password
9) Done.
10) Send a test email. For details, see the documentation in the help section.
You can contact us anytime. we will be glad to help.

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